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Welcome to the Elm Grove Middle School Band program!

We are hopeful that the first few days of the year are pleasant ones for you and your child. Soon you
will be treated to some sounds in your home that you will be hard-pressed to describe. Trust us, it will
get better, and quickly!
Music is basic, and we consider it a privilege to share this wonderful experience with our beginning
band students. As your directors, it is our desire to provide a quality instrumental music experience
for every student. Additionally, it is our goal that our young musicians develop facility on their
instruments, learn more about the “language” of music, and experience the thrill of performance.

Beginner Band is an experiment. At first there is the BIG QUESTION – “Will I ever learn how to
play my instrument?” Understand that it will take time for that question to be answered. However,
meaningful progress will take shape if, 1) there is a three-way partnership comprised of the teacher,
child, and parents, 2) parents are INVOLVED in their child’s musical life and, 3) the parents help
guide their child’s home practice habits. The student will need to understand that EVERYTHING
will be new at first – like learning to walk, ride a bike, tie one’s shoes, etc. It cannot be learned
instantly. Patience and persistence will be required by everyone involved.
Students must also realize that band is a yearlong course and requires commitment to the class for
the entire year.

PRACTICE is a necessary element for success on any musical instrument. While it is true that the
sounds will certainly be amusing at first, the student must learn to “hang in there” and try to
address, solve, and master specific problems during each practice session. Repetition will be
necessary to train the fingers, learn the valve combinations, sticking rudiments, improve music
reading, etc.
CONSISTENT DAILY PRACTICE will be the key to mastery and improvement.
Flute                        Oboe                Clarinet                        Bassoon                Saxophone
Trumpet                                French Horn
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