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  • What is SmartMusic?

SmartMusic is a software-based computer program that helps students practice and submit their at
home practice assignments. Students can practice exercises, solos, and lessons out of their
method book as well as some of the music they are preparing for a performance.

  • The Benefits of SmartMusic
Practicing alone is often boring because the music has been taken out of its intended group
setting. SmartMusic makes practicing fun. With SmartMusic, students are able to practice with
professional accompaniment. (Meaning you will be able to hear other instruments playing along
with you.) This makes practicing time more productive, all while helping the student develop better
listening skills and a better understanding of the music.

SmartMusic records and even grades student progress from a home or school computer and
includes a metronome, tuner and digital recorder. Most assignments offer assessment, where
green notes indicate what students have performed correctly and red notes indicate where
improvement is needed.

A SmartMusic subscription also provides you immediate access to the world’s largest musical
library, allowing you to explore other pieces that we might not be using in class. This is particularly
useful for students who are looking for that added challenge in band!

For more information, visit the SmartMusic website directly by clicking on the links below:

SmartMusic Homepage

Making Practice Fun

Key Features

Demos with Wynton Marsalis

Videos for Parents

  •   Purchasing & Subscribing to SmartMusic

SmartMusic is a very efficient and enjoyable way to practice at home.

Rather than completing assignments at school and losing valued instruction time, students who
have this at home can complete their assignments and take their playing tests from the comforts of
home and email me their scores and recordings. Using this method, a student could play an
assignment/test 20 times to get a score of 100 if so desired. What a great encouragement for all
students to become better players and musicians.

Students can get a  one year SmartMusic subscription for just $36.

To subscribe to  SmartMusic, go to
www.smartmusic.com, click on the "order now" button for
students and performers and follow the simple on screen instructions.